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It is not a discovery for anyone that it is in social networks that the most significant fundraising is currently taking place. The fund's page in the social network has long ceased to be a place for formal communication but has become a platform where communities unite to help. The audience of the pages of the largest charitable foundations is now easy to compare with solid media. Accordingly, the special tools should facilitate the management of all these platforms. And we are ready to support it from our side.

BrandVox will give a significant discount to enable charitable foundations to use tools for analyzing the effectiveness of foundation pages in social networks, benchmarking, posting, and tracking mentions in social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) to increase the effect and support of their charitable initiatives.

We believe that every charitable organization, regardless of its size and direction of activity, deserves a strong brand and the ability to effectively communicate its projects, values, and mission, especially in social networks, where access to the audience is much easier than the media or corporate sites. It is essential for us to contribute to the support of such organizations and provide them with the latest tools to increase the efficiency of using social networks.

With this innovation, BrandVox hopes to become a technology partner for many charities, helping them strengthen their connections with the public and their activities to benefit those who need it most.

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