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BrandVox Use Case

BrandVox is a powerful tool that can help your brand gain an edge in the marketplace by providing a thorough analysis of competitors and identifying what works for their business. By using BrandVox's capabilities, your company can:

- Increase your competitiveness.

- Increase the variety of content.

- Improve marketing efficiency.

- Deepen your knowledge of the industry.

Let's take a look at the use case of an IT company.

Problem: IT company X specialises in the development of software solutions for business. Despite the high quality of its services, the company had difficulty attracting new customers. To solve this problem, they decided to use BrandVox to gain insight into their competitors' marketing strategies and identify areas for improvement.

Step by step:

1) Use BrandVox to compare brand data with competitors' data and identify your company's strengths.

To improve marketing effectiveness, your company can use BrandVox to gain insight into your competitors' strategies. By analysing their tactics, you can better understand the market you operate in by gaining more information about it. This will give you a better idea of what products and services are offered, what their advantages and disadvantages are, and how they are promoted.

BrandVox interface

Analysing competitors' tactics will help your company understand its competitive position in the market. It can identify its advantages and develop a strategy to maintain or increase its market share. You can also study what types of content or promotions work best. Using data, you can adjust your own marketing strategy and make it more effective.

BrandVox interface

For example, if you find out that one of your competitors' advertising channels is performing very well, you might decide to use that channel. Or if you find out that certain types of content are very effective, you can focus on creating more of it.

IT company X has been successful, but recently discovered that competitors have increased their market share and attracted new customers.

The company decided to investigate their competitors' strategies and their approach to marketing. Using BrandVox, a media monitoring and market intelligence tool, it was discovered that competitors were using digital advertising to attract new customers.

After conducting a detailed analysis, Company X realised that it was not using digital advertising effectively and was missing out on opportunities to attract more customers. It became clear that it needed to improve its marketing approach and respond to changes in the market to retain and expand its customer base.

Based on the information gathered, Company X decided to adopt and invest in a digital advertising approach to reach its target audience and attract new customers. The company launched an advertising campaign on social media and search engines, targeting its target audience and drawing attention to its products and services.

2) Create more attractive content for consumers based on the information collected about the topics that work for competitors.

When analysing the competitive environment with BrandVox, your company can find new topics for its content. For example, you can find out what issues and problems are of most interest to your competitors' audiences, or what new technologies or solutions are relevant to their market segment. You can use these topics to create interesting and useful content that will attract the attention of potential customers and increase your brand awareness.

In addition, competitive intelligence can help you identify new content formats that work in their market segment. For example, you may find out that your competitors are successfully using video content or interactive formats that attract more attention and increase engagement with the audience. This will give you the idea to try using these content formats to capture the attention of your audience and attract more customers.

BrandVox interface

Next, IT Company X realised that its promotion of services on social media platforms was not yielding the expected results due to insufficient engagement with its audience. After conducting a social media audit, the company decided to develop a new content strategy that focused on engaging and interacting with its followers.

The company recognised that it had previously been promoting its services directly, without paying attention to the needs of its audience and without providing them with enough interesting content. According to the study, most subscribers felt that they were not receiving enough attention and interaction from the brand, leading to unsubscribing or abandoning the company's services.

IT company X decided to remedy this situation and developed a new strategy that included more content that was targeted to the needs and interests of their audience. They started publishing useful and engaging content that provided information about their products, but also included tips and tricks on software development. In addition, the company began to interact more with their followers by responding to questions and comments, conducting polls, and creating special promotions for their audience.

3) Gain insights into new trends and innovations in the industry to increase your industry knowledge and competitive advantage.

Using BrandVox allows you to learn about new products and services that your competitors are introducing, which will enable you to draw conclusions about how you can improve your own product or service.

Company X has always strived to provide innovative solutions to its customers. However, with the increasing competition in the IT industry and the rapid development of new technologies, the company began to feel that its knowledge and resources were no longer as advanced as they used to be.

Then Company X started to develop innovative solutions even faster and more efficiently, which allowed it to take a leading position in the market. Customers were satisfied with the new innovative products and services offered by the company.

Today, Company X continues to keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the IT industry. It maintains its leadership position in the market and continues to provide its customers with innovative and cutting-edge solutions that help them grow and compete in their industries.

Result: With the help of BrandVox, the company will be able to increase its competitiveness, create more engaging content, increase content diversity, improve marketing efficiency and deepen industry knowledge, allowing it to stay one step ahead of the competition.


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