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Top 5 worthy alternatives to Vista Social: product review

Social media management tools allow you to automate many routine tasks, such as publishing posts, tracking brand mentions, conducting analytics, etc. This significantly reduces time compared to performing these tasks manually.

Vista Social is by far one of the most popular social media management tools among users. It's recognised as one of the best products on G2, as evidenced by awards and testimonials from satisfied customers. In total, Vista social is used by 20,000 brands and agencies around the world.

However, despite its convenience, affordable pricing, fast customer support and many useful features, Vista Social is not the only quality product on the market. There are many alternatives that can be a worthy replacement and open up new opportunities for users.

In this article, we present the top 5 products that are ideal for diversifying your experience with social media analytics and management tools.

  1. BrandVox 

It is a Ukrainian integrated social media analytics tool with social listening and post scheduling. BrandVox offers a number of attractive features that help multi-brand companies, agencies and freelancers make more informed decisions about their brand strategy.

BrandVox Competitors analysis

With access to the cheapest plan, Influencer, you will be able to track the social media activity of your brand's five main competitors, accurately analyse your important metrics, monitor mentions of your brand on social media, generate ideas for posts, analyse texts, and plan and post.

BrandVox is an agency-friendly product, as it includes white-label reports by default and white-label interface options for specific pricing plans, role management for your team and clients, and separately managed projects.

Despite the fact that the product is quite new, it has already managed to gain the trust of users in the form of positive reviews on listings and receive certain awards, such as: "Top 10 Products of the Day" and "Marketing Product of the Week" on Product Hunt, 5 stars on AppSumo, and became High Performer on G2.

BrandVox Reviews

 Key features of BrandVox and Vista Social


Vista Social

Free trial

Create a content plan based on previous data

Comparative reports and benchmarking

Analytics and reporting

Audience statistics

Text analysis

Planning and publishing publications

Monitoring mentions

Insights about mentions (mention coverage, dynamics, topics, intensity, sentiment)

White-label reports

Both Vista Social and BrandVox are among the cheapest social media management tools available. The first plans of both products ("Influencer" in BrandVox and "Pro" in Vista Social) cost $15 per month and are designed for professionals who need such platforms to save their time and automate their workflow.

BrandVox collects and analyses brand mentions on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to determine how the audience really feels about the brand. And its powerful mention monitoring feature not only identifies 30 different emotional tones, but also indicates their intensity and dynamics. This allows you to respond quickly to the most important mentions and engage with your audience more effectively. Vista Social also has a Social listening feature, but it doesn't offer the in-depth analysis that BrandVox does.

BrandVox reviews

Even an experienced marketing professional can sometimes struggle to come up with an original topic for content, as it requires too much time and resources. BrandVox automatically generates ideas for future posts based on artificial intelligence and the user's previous results, using parameters such as tone of voice, content type, hashtags, keywords, age and gender of the target audience, frequency of posts, planning period, industry, language, and brand name. Vista Social also uses artificial intelligence to schedule posts, but for a different purpose - to create visuals using Canva's built-in AI integration.

BrandVox stands out for its intuitive interface without unnecessary elements and details. The site provides a large number of instructions on how to use the product, and if users have any questions, they can contact the support team at any time, which responds to messages immediately.

brandvox review

Vista Social also offers support for email and social media, but some users feel that it could be better.


In summary, BrandVox is an worthly replacement for Vista Social. The tool's useful features, combined with its affordable price, make it valuable for brands looking to expand their social media presence and adjust their strategy.

2. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is another universal social media automation platform that unites teams and simplifies workflows, and is a good alternative to Vista Social. NapoleonCat effectively handles many challenges in social media marketing, which is why it receives good reviews from users on the listings.

Napoleoncat interface

Napoleoncat review

Key features of NapoleonCat:

✓ Manage multiple social media channels

✓ Automate customer service

✓ Schedule social media publications 

✓ Analyze marketing results

✓ Monitor and benchmark against competitors

✓ Collaborate within teams and freelancers

✓ Automate reporting processes


Platforms supported: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google My Business. 

Pricing: NapoleonCat's standard plan starts at $32 per month. The price of other plans is Pro - $76 per month (ideal for teams with high engagement and multiple accounts) and Custom - from $465 per month (personalised solutions for specific business needs). If you buy a plan for a whole year, you get two months free.

Free trial version: 14 days. It is possible to connect 3 users and 10 profiles with no more than one million subscribers.

Similar to the previous product reviewed earlier in this article, BrandVox, NapoleonCat also has a feature that generates content ideas using artificial intelligence and preliminary results. Meanwhile, Vista Social specialises in creating visuals using Canva's built-in AI integration.

One of the advantages of NapoleonCat compared to Vista Social is the ability to use comment moderation tools for Facebook and Instagram ads and automate answers to recurring customer questions before purchase based on specific keywords. This will help optimise marketing processes, never miss a single comment on an advert, and prevent leaks in the sales funnel.

Napoleoncat review

Another strong point of NapoleonCat (and something that Vista Social cannot offer) is Social CRM. This feature makes it possible to create user profiles for leads that have been contacted on social media, building better relationships with them by having a complete picture of them. Social CRM allows you to fill in customer profiles with their names and email addresses, add comments and notes about customers, assign relationship sentiments and tags to the customer profile. 

Thus, NapoleonCat is a worthy alternative to Vista Social, offering cost-effective, efficient and user-friendly solutions.

3. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a high-quality social media management tool designed primarily for marketers, brand managers, and content managers. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to schedule posts, and its user-friendly design ensures a smooth experience.

Agorapulse interface

Navigating through the wide range of features is quite easy, making it an ideal platform for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Agoraplus review

Key features of Agorapulse:

✓ Unified social inbox lets you easily manage all your incoming social media messages, comments, and reviews in one place.

✓ Intuitive publishing allows you to plan, collaborate, and schedule content for all your social channels.

✓ Insightful analytics delivered in beautiful and actionable PDF and CSV reports that reveal what’s working — and what isn’t.

✓ Social listening provides discovery of trends and insights about your brand -- and your competitors.

✓ With the award-winning support in the business you always get fast, friendly support in industry record time.


Platforms supported: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Google Business Profile


Pricing: Agorapulse starts at $62 per month. This is much more expensive than the price of the standard Vista Social plan. However, it includes the ability to connect more profiles - up to 10. The prices of other plans are Professional - $99 per month, Advanced - $149 per month, Custom - negotiable price. A free plan is also available, which includes 10 scheduled posts; basic reporting; a limited ROI report on social media; and a mobile app. If you buy the plans for a whole year at once, the price is reduced.


Free trial version: 30 days. It is possible to connect 1 user and 20 profiles with the possibility of adding additional 3 users.


Agorapulse is a particularly useful tool for agencies. It allows you to involve your clients in the social media planning process and give them visibility into upcoming posts and the overall social strategy. It allows for easy team collaboration, delegation of workflows, and real-time monitoring of communications to keep you informed of progress.

Agoraplus review

What sets Agorapulse apart from Vista Social is the interesting feature of transforming ready-made texts written by users into ones that stimulate engagement and encourage action. To do this, you need to select a tone of voice, adjust formatting, set length, and other parameters. Just like Vista Social, Agorapulse has the ability to generate images using artificial intelligence.

4. Quintly

Quintly can be considered the leading alternative to Vista Social when it comes to meeting all your social media analytics needs. Quintly offers comprehensive solutions that are ideal for small businesses, agencies, and any company, regardless of size.

Quintly interface

quintly review

Key features of Quintly:

  The extensive API makes data integrations easy and fast.

✓ Advanced social media analytics.

✓ Dashboards, reports and even metrics are customizable, tailored specificly to your needs.


Platforms supported: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok.

Pricing: There is no fixed price. It depends on how many profiles you want to analyse and how many people will use the platform. The price starts at $315 per month, which is a flat fee for all features. If you add profiles, you need to pay an additional 15 euros for each profile, if you add users, you need to pay 20 euros per user. The fixed price for the year is $3,780.

Free trial: 7 days.

Quintly is ideal for companies that have already established a reputation in the market and for which a social media presence is important to their marketing strategy. It allows you to control everything related to social media in one place, from content optimisation to influencer marketing. These features compensate for the high cost of the subscription.

5. Keyhole

Keyhole is an all-in-one social media analytics tool that allows you to instantly analyse multiple profiles, influencers and mentions. It accurately measures real-time and historical social media data, illustrating information in easy-to-read graphs and layouts that simplify reporting and strategy development. Helps marketers measure, improve, and report on the impact they make on social media.

Keyhole interface

It can be used for real-time campaign monitoring and optimisation, brand monitoring and optimisation, and data-driven market and competitor research.

Keyhole review

Key features of Keyhole:

✓ Easy-to-use dashboard.

✓ The analytics dashboard has a convenient word cloud that shows hashtags commonly used with main hashtag.

✓ Keyhole offers custom plans and flexible data banks.

✓ Tracking the most influential influencers.


Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube.


Pricing: The standard Keyhole - Individual plan starts at $79 per month. It is ideal for individual users and small businesses. The other plans are Team - $149 per month (ideal for teams with high engagement and multiple accounts); Pro - $249 per month (for businesses that need access to all social channels with enough data to track multiple campaigns and profiles); Advanced - $449 per month (for businesses that manage large campaigns and need to track multiple profiles and brands); Enterprise - $833 per month (for large companies with unique needs).

If you buy a plan for a whole year at once, two months are free.

There is a free trial version, but the period is unknown.

Keyhole offers access to an advanced API that allows you to integrate data from social profiles across multiple platforms, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy through social data analytics. Quintly relies on the official platform APIs from Facebook and others to obtain analytical data. However, in situations where the official APIs are not available, Quintly cannot provide all data.

What makes Keyhole stand out from other products, including Vista Social, is its strong support and personal approach to each client. This is reflected in the fact that the Keyhole team creates individual custom metrics for its users in the shortest possible time.

So, despite the fact that Vista Social is a popular and quite high-quality social media management product, there are alternatives on the market that are no less useful. Depending on the needs of a company or an individual, any of these tools can be a good substitute for Vista Social or a complement to it. It is important to be clear about your goals and requirements before choosing a product.

This article presents 5 worthy alternatives to Vista Social for social media management - BrandVox, NapoleonCat, Agorapulse, Quintly and Keyhole. All of them have their own advantages. BrandVox, for example, has powerful analytics and mention monitoring functionality and a user-friendly interface. NapoleonCat offers automated responses to comments and CRM for social media. Agorapulse has collaboration and customer engagement features. Quintly is focused on in-depth analytics for large companies. And Keyhole is distinguished by an individual approach and support.


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