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Analyze. Track. Optimize. Succeed.

Comprehensive omnichannel social media intelligence tool with social listening and posting

Tailored for multi-brands companies, agencies and freelancers

Social media performance
BrandVox reviews
BrandVox reviews
BrandVox reviews
BrandVox reviews

Meet your new favourite social media management tool

Social media performance analytics
Social media intelligence

Comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboards with all crucial social media metrics.

Audience Insights (age, gender, geo, sources, growth)

Hashtag performance analysis.

Content analysis (text styles, emotions).

Posting insights (day, time, best formats).

Comparative reports and benchmarking.

Save time. Scale faster.

Agency-friendly software

Discover our collaborative tool for effective social media management:

Separately manageable projects. One client - one project. Independent analysis and tailored AI features for each client

White-label reports by default and white-label options for interface for certain tariff plans 

Bulk content plan creation (upload your file or use AI-helper)

Role management for your team and clients

social media agency tools

Still have doubts? Check our reviews

A streamlined, useful, simple tool for competitor analysis and comprehensive analytics.

I really liked the convenience of the interface: Getting started with BrandVox was very easy. The interface is intuitive and well organised, which allowed us to quickly master the basic functions and start working with the tool without much effort.

Helicopter view for all social media metrics

Brandvox has transformed how we do social media analytics, making it super easy to keep an eye on our online presence. Their dashboard is a breeze to use, bringing all our essential social media stats into one place, so we don't need many different tools. We can track what's happening on various social networks in real-time, which helps us connect with our audience and tweak our strategies as needed.

BrandVox - A new favorite tool in my arsenal!

BrandVox is a multifunctional tool for social media analysis. I really liked the ability to monitor competitors, analyze text, and schedule posts. We also liked the social listening feature, which allows us to track mentions of our brand.


Helpful tool for text content creation

Brandvox is a helpful tool for us. One standout is its text assessment capability, particularly its tone of voice detection. This feature helps us better grasp how people see our brand so we can adjust our communication to better connect with our target audience. Additionally, Brandvox can track mentions across social networks; it keeps us in the loop about what's being said about our brand in real time, enabling us to engage with our audience.

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All necessary features for managing your own brand

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Time for answers

What does "project" mean?

By "project" we mean all social media accounts for one brand. Please, note, that you can add only one account on a particular social network for each brand (i.e., one Facebook account, one Instagram, etc)

Which metrics can I track?

BrandVox has two types of metrics: comparative metrics for benchmarking and deep analytics for your own page

How does your social listening differ from other tools?

BrandVox helps not only with monitoring but also with analysis your mentions by defining sentiment, intensity, and potential damage of mentions.

Can I extend my tariff limits?

You can move to the higher tariff plan or buy addons anytime.

Am I allowed to track personal accounts?

BrandVox provides analytics only for business accounts (Pages on Facebook, Creator or Business Accounts on Instagram, Channels on Youtube, Company Pages on LinkedIn)

What do you mean by Text analysis?

We developed an algorithm that helps you to understand how readers will perceive your text: tone of voice, emotion detection, complexity assessment, and predictive performance.

Is BrandVox safe for my social media accounts?

BrandVox application regularly goes through social network verification and safety checking. All users' activity is transparent, and role management of users in the account could be done.

Do you have a roadmap?

You can see upcoming features here

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